1. Product name: 12V 96 section 96 lamp
2. Lamp model: 5050RGB
3. IC model: WS2815
4. Voltage: DC12V
5. Power: ≤28.80W/M
6. Control performance: SPI protocol/TTL signal
7. Product installation: A lamp a cut
8. Board color: White board/blackboard
9. Board size: 10mm
10. Packing: Electrostatic bag
11. Adaptor
12. Controller



DC12V 96LEDS WS2815.jpg

DC12V 96LEDS Pixel Strip.jpg

Led Strip Specification:

  • Item No.:                                TXN-5050RGB12V96L(WS2815)

  • Product name:                        12V 96 section 96 lamp 

  • Lamp model:                           5050RGB

  • IC model:                                 WS2815

  • Rated voltage:                         DC12V

  • Power:                                     ≤28.80W/M

  • Control performance:              SPI protocol/TTL signal

  • Product installation:                A lamp a cut

  • Board color:                             White board/blackboard

  • Board size:                               Board width 10mm

  • Packing:                                   Electrostatic bag

Product Video:



Product Pictures:


Packing including:

1 X 2M LED Strip (custom-designed length are acceptable)

1 X Adaptor

1 X Controller


We can also supply 30, 60, 96, 144LEDs, 5V or 12V Pixel LED Strip(10mm/12mm PCB), custom-designed LED strips are acceptable, our kind team are looking for your enquiry!

Any question, you are feel freely to contact with us, contact: [email protected], thank you in advance!

Kit Packing:

TXN pixel STRIP Lighting 01.jpg

TXN COB STRIP Lighting 02.jpg

TXN COB STRIP Lighting Packing.jpg

More Options:


Function Descriptions:

1. All electronic components of the LED WS2815 full-color light strip are integrated in a 5050 lamp bead, without the aid of any other external electronic components, forming a complete externally controlled pixel. At the same time, the WS2815 light strip light strip reduces the defects caused by the drag welding that is inverted when the product is installed.

2. The LED WS2815 full-color light strip adopts shallow cascade interface and dual signal line transmission. WS2815 realizes the function of breakpoint transmission, and the pixel point under the wire will not be damaged under the condition of normal light. It will not affect the full LED the overall effect of the colorful light strip.

3. The LED WS2815 Symphony Strip has an intelligent reverse connection protection. If the product is installed and connected to a 12V power supply, it will not cause damage to the lamp beads.

4. WS215 full-color light has a built-in signal amplifier circuit, and any pixel signal is carefully designed and then output to ensure that the brain circuit of the circuit will not accumulate.

5. The three primary colors of the pixels of the WS2815 strip light can achieve 256 levels of display, and the full true color display port scanning frequency of 167777216 colors is 2KHz/s.

6. When the transmission distance between any two points of the LED WS2815 light bar exceeds 5 meters, no signal amplifying circuit is added.

7. When the refresh rate is 30 frames per second, the number of cascades is not less than 1024 points.

8. The data transmission speed is 800Kbps.


Programmable Controller (for LED Project)



The light source of this product is rich in color, high visibility, and more visually attractive. It is widely used in wall corridors, indoor environment decoration, product model lighting decoration, game console lighting decoration, speaker lighting decoration, entertainment venues, wine cooler bar backlight, ceiling backlight, LED light box light source, LED luminous brand, aquarium products, car decoration and so on, it is a new generation of illuminating light that replaces traditional neon lights, fluorescent lights, and tubes.





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Customer Feedback About TXN LED Lighting:

1. Most of customers are satisfied with our price and quality, all of them think it is not easy to find a professional manufacture for the High-quality LED Linear factory who can supply it at a competitive price.

2. All customer of us are satisfied with our lead time for the sampling order and the bulk order, we can work out samples in 3 days, and it will take 7-10 days if the bulk order quantity is less than 3,000 meters.
3. Our customers speak high of us about the professional service in quality, they think it is very easy to discuss with our sales about their Project.

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 All our products are adopted high-quality materils, Low Voltage & Eco-friendly.

 TXN think highly of every valued customer who cooperates with us, surely we will do our best to support, that's our aim.

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As a professional manufacturer and supplier for the professional LED Lighting, we can offer various payment methods and shipping methods for our customers from the whole world.

We can supply the Bank Transfer, Western union, PayPal, Wire Transfer, L/C for our customer as the payment.



Q: Are you a factory or trading company?
A: We're a self -own factory & trading company, and can provide one-stop service for all of our customers, from
material to various surface treatments, from technical sales to shipping and after-sales.
So as to save the cost for clients, control the quality and lead time, provide the best services.


Q: Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?
A: Our factory is located in Guangdong, China.

Q: Can I customize my own products?
A: Yes. We are glad to receive your drawing pictures.


Q: How soon can you produce and deliver my Aluminum Profiles?
A: If there's stock, we can delivery to you within 3-5 days; for bulk production, normally it is 15-30 days. Exact dates will be accorded to your demand and depending on the quantity and complexity.


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