The idea of color temperature

The idea of color temperature

1. Color temperature is a unit of measurement that indicates the color component contained in the light.

2. Color temperature is a measure of temperature difference commonly used in physics and astronomy. The concept is based on a fictional black object that, when heated to different temperature differences, gives off different colors of light and appears as different colors. Like when you heat a block of iron, it turns red, then yellow, and then white.

3. The color temperature calibrated by this method is the opposite of the "warm" and "cold" thought by the general public. Use natural light when shooting by The color temperature of the light is different at different times, so the color of the photo is not the same.

4. colour temperature is a feature of visible light with important applications in photography, video and other fields.

Warm White: 2800-3200K

Netural White: 4000-4500K

Cold White: 6500-7000K

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