TXN-3020 30X20MM Amazon Hot-seling LED Neon Tube Light, Wholesales High End Custom Neon Tube

▸Model No.: TXN-3020
▸Section Size: 30X20mm
▸PCB Size: 15mm
▸Beam Angle: 120°
▸Lighting Direction: Top Lighting
▸Material: High-quality Silicone

TXN-3020 30X20MM Amazon Hot-seling LED Neon Tube Light, Wholesales High End Custom Neon Tube

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More Choices:


Cutting & Extend: 

You can cut and re-solder the LED Neon in any combination that you want. The cut unit of this LED neon is 10cm (6 LEDs)

LED Neon Flex is very flexible and suitable for applications where a LED Line needs to be placed in plain sight and when you want to create curves, such as a light-line in the floor, in a wall, or for example in signage! The light is completely diffuse thanks to the opaque potting, which means that the individual LED dots are not visible and LED Neon can be placed in direct sight.

LED Neon flex is made up of a very flexible silicone U-shape profile with a regular LED strip in side. The profile is filled with opaque potting. Neon Flex can be cut every 10cm, and the power is supplied via the soldering points which can be found on the LED strip inside.

Applications: Signage, route-marking, stairs, light lines in garden, restaurant or in the home.

Voltage: 24V. Our LED Neon flex works according to the same principle as our normal LED strip, and therefore can be used with all our power supplies and controllers.

How to use the led flex neon light?

The flex led neon light is made by led strip light, silicon extrusion. And it is DC12V OR DC24V. So led neon flex light is the same use way as the led strip light. But because of the silicon extrusion, The led neon light can not bend much. It bends too much, it will damage the strip light inside. So you need to read the led neon flex light user guide before using the neon light. 

1. Led Neon Light Installation Accessories


2. How to cut neon led flexible light?


3. How to protect neon led flexible light? The incorrect bending way will damage the neon light.


  • Model No.:                                             TXN-3020

  • Lighting Direction:                                            Top Lighting

  • Section Size:                                            30X20mm

  • LED Type:                                                2835

  • PCB Size:                                                 10mm

  • Watt/M:                                                   11

  • Beam Angle:                                            120°

  • Lighting Direction:                                   Top Lighting

  • Weight(g/m):                                           482

  • Shipping Methods:                                  Air express, by sea, by air

  • Payment:                                                  Paypal, Western Union, T/T, RMB

  • Warranty:                                                 3 years warranty

Place of OriginGuangdong
Whether to importNo
TypeLED Neon Tube Light
OEM / ODMAvailable

Custom processing


Kit compositionLED Neon Tube + End caps + Alu Profile accessories

Product Video:


Product Pictures:

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The silicone tube or channel is made from top quality transparent silicone materials. It features super high stable property to chemical corrosion, and also high stable property in harsh environment like high temperature 100℃ and as cold as minus 25℃. And the key element it is flexible after vulcanization. For all these advantages, they are widely favored by chemical industry, food packaging industry, and now becomes very popular materials for the lighting industry. Specially to make the neon flex strip light with LED tapes. This new generation innovation, now used to replace the conventional neon fluorescent lights, and creating more options for lighting designers, and end users to make the DIY lighting kits freely.

As expert in the silicone extrusion process and led packaging, and LEDs SMD technology, we adopt this silicon tube to coating the IP20 LED strips, including monochrome tape, RGB, RGBW, DC12V or DC24V, CV or CC led tape light. To fit various sizes of the FPCBs, we make a complete family, which classified into two types, one is side bending, the other is top bending.

Clients or even end users who can buy and cut it into any length required, and solder cable, seal the end caps with silicone glue to make the waterproof neon led flex strips. And resharp the strip light to match their application, as linear lighting, signs, letters and decoration lighting…




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Packing Details:

1) Anti-static bag packaging

2) 5Meter/bag

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Construction sites:

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Application Scenarios:


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Sample Kits:


Factory View:



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We choose DHL, Fedex, UPS or TNT according to customers requirements;
By air or by sea is ok.

Customer Feedback About TXN LED LIGHTING

1. Most of customers are satisfied with our price and quality, all of them think it is not easy to find a professional manufacture for the High-quality LED Linear factory who can supply it at a competitive price.

2. All customer of us are satisfied with our lead time for the sampling order and the bulk order, we can work out samples in 3 days, and it will take 7-10 days if the bulk order quantity is less than 3,000 meters.
3. Our customers speak high of us about the professional service in quality, they think it is very easy to discuss with our sales about their Project.

4. Our customers trust us a lot, because our sales service is pretty good, they can provide all kinds of help when discussing the order.

5. All customers say that they would like to build an on-going business relationship with us because we are a professional factory for the LED Linear Light (LED Alu Profile & LED Strip & LED Neon Tube Light) 

 All our products are adopted high-quality silicone materials, Low Voltage & Eco-friendly.

 TXN think highly of every valued customer who cooperates with us, surely we will do our best to support, that's our aim.


As a professional manufacturer and supplier for the professional LED Lighting, we can offer various payment methods and shipping methods for our customers from the whole world.

We can supply the Bank Transfer, Western union, PayPal, Wire Transfer, L/C for our customer as the payment.



Q: Are you a factory or trading company?
A: We're a self-own factory & trading company, and can provide one-stop service for all of our customers, from
material to various surface treatments, from technical sales to shipping and after-sales.
So as to save the cost for clients, control the quality and lead time, provide the best services.


Q: Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?
A: Our factory is located in Guangdong, China.


Q: Can I customize my own products?
A: Yes. We are glad to receive your drawing pictures.


Q: How soon can you produce and deliver my Aluminum Profiles?
A: If there's stock, we can delivery to you within 3-5 days; for bulk production, normally it is 15-30 days. Exact dates will be accorded to your demand and depending on the quantity and complexity.


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