Amazon Hot-selling Neon Pixel/RGB Led Strip Lights Kit

▸Board Width : 10MM
▸Voltage: 12V
▸Power: 14.5W/M
R: 620-630NM
▸Wavelength: B: 460-470NM
Symphony (External IC: 16703)
▸Section Size: 06x16MM
▸Operating Temperature: -20~50℃
▸Protection Level: IP67
▸Beam Angle: 120°

Amazon Hot-selling Neon Pixel/RGB Led Strip Lights Kit From TXN LED Lighting

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Board Width10MM

R: 620-630NM
B: 460-470NM
Symphony (External IC: 16703)
Section Size06x16MM
Operating Temperature-20~50℃
Protection LevelIP67
Beam Angle120°

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Product Details: 

RGB/Pixel LED Neon       WIFI Controller          12V Power Supply


This Neon strip - smart RGB LED Strip. When u open it. you can see: strip, controller, accessory, and power adapter. Its addressable one use controller can choose single color or ajustable Dozens of functions.


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  • 1. Luminous surface: uniform luminescence, soft light without spot.

  • 2. Diffusion hole: spread the internal light evenly to the light-emitting surface.

  • 3. Clip position: fixed casing (finished product).

  • 4. Gloss-blocking surface: Block the light without leaking,no light leakage.

  • 5. Anti-breaking: prevent the board from breaking, and the finished product is not easy to break when it is long.

  • 6. Cut window: through the cut opening, you can see the cut line on the back of the board

  • 7. PCB board position: (1) board width: 10 mm; (2) Lamp bead type: 5050;  (3) Number of lamp beads: ≥60 leds/m

Kit Details: 

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Installation Methods:

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Normal Packing: 

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More Pictures:


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  • 1. Professional structure design, high light efficiency and color temperature consistency, no light spots

  • 2. Using silicone material, high temperature resistance, can be used in outdoor bad weather

  • 3. Anti-corrosion, acid and alkali, etc., can be used in extremely harsh environments, with good waterproof performance.

  • 4. Good flexibility, good bending, easy modeling, tensile strength

  • 5. Three-time anti-breaking process, lamp beads anti-breaking, PCB board anti-breaking, silicone anti-breaking.

We can supply White, Three-black, All Black LED Neon (RGB/Pixel),  

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