Neon signage has become extremely popular in retail and signage design. Within the lighting industry, Neon lighting is used to create a vibrant aesthetic to create strong branding and attract customers. Compared to the halogen alternative, Neon Flex is more cost-effective and easier to install. Being an LED Neon, Neon Flex has a lower running cost and can be easily moulded to shape.

Neon tube is a high quality lighting solution suited to professional design and signage projects. With a robust IP67 waterproof coating Neon Linear can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Further to this, the IP67 coating protects against saltwater, UV Radiation, and solvents ideal for harsher outdoor environments.

As a company we keep stock of both “Top View'' and “Side View” Neon flex to suit different types of installations. Topview variations of Neon Linear are designed to be bent up and down with light projecting upwards. 

Side view variations of Neon flex is designed to be bent side to side with light projecting upwards. By keeping stock of two types of flex, the product can be used in different circumstances to create the same effect.

Neon Linear is available in a variety of single colours as well as a range of cool, daylight and warm whites. Further to this we also keep stock of RGB and RGBNW Sideview flexes for colour changing projects. Shop our selection of professional Neon Flexes and find the right solution for your LED lighting project.

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