How to find COB led light strip manufacturer from China?

Looking for COB led strip light manufacturer from China?

You can use the Keywords "COB led strip light manufacturer" search from Google.

Then you can find some COB strip light suppliers in Google.

TXN Lighting is one of the best COB led light strip factory from China. We can offer 2700K/3000K/4000K/6000K/ Double Colors/ RGB COB strip light. And we can offer CRI≥90 COB strip light. Welcome sourcing from us.


COB led strip light product detail:

COB led strip light is flexible. It can use like the normally flexible led strip light. The lighting angle is 180°. It can use any surface need dotless version.

If the LED density not enough, the traditional LED strip light use with the led aluminum profile will see one dot by one dot. 

The cob led strip light use with led aluminum profile doesn't have that problem. It is dotless. 



COB led strip light applications:

1. Architectural 

2. Furniture & wine cabinet

3. Holtel renovation

4. KTV & KTV bar

5. Parking

6. Shopping mall

COB led strip light applications (4)

COB led strip light applications (5)

COB led strip light applications (1)



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E-mail: [email protected]

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